Your views on Birkenhead

Update 1 October 2017
Feedback on the draft plan has now closed and we are analysing the responses so that we can update the draft plan before discussions with the local board and other key stakeholders.
Update 19 September 2017

It was great to be able to share the draft concept plan at the Birkenhead Neighbourhood Planning Drop-in at Birkenhead Primary School on 6 September. The draft plan was posted around the wall and engaged people in interesting conversations. We got a lot of positive feedback from a diverse group of residents and business people.

The draft plan is now available at…/0B9PxGqfAffnrUzFtNEhwdkcxWTA/view - a hard copy of the plan is also available at the Birkenhead library and at Highbury House. 

Update August 2017
We have been incredibly pleased to get so much feedback from the community as input to our Neighbourhood Plan. Following the workshop in March, we've had lots of input online as well as in face to face discussions and people posting us their ideas.  The total consolidated feedback filled over 50 pages!
To use the input for the planning process we've completed analysis of it and separated out the things that are 'planning' related from comments that are operational or retail related.
We will share all the notes with Kaipatiki Local Board and the Birkenhead Town Centre Association for them to consider, respectively, the operational (eg that the rubbish bins need to be emptied more often) and retail related (eg comments about shops you'd like to see in the village) feedback and ideas.
Following the analysis, we've summarised on one page four main themes which we feel capture the points you raised; in particular those that were raised by more people.  This is available on google docs at this link
Our team of architects and specialists are working on the draft plan at present! it is very exciting seeing it come together!
Thanks again for all your fantastic input to this process. We are proud to be part of a community that is so willing to become involved and help shape our future.
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