Birkenhead Neighbourhood Planning

The concept of Community Led Planning has been applied successfully in a number of areas of Auckland in recent years. Examples include Milford and Kumeu. In every case, the success of the concept planning is the result of contribution by all key stakeholder groups, such as community individuals and organisations, local businesses, Local Board and Council organisations.
The Birkenhead Residents Association has considered taking  a lead in this process for Birkenhead and feels that the timing is appropriate in light of (a) the recent decisions on the Auckland Unitary Plan and (b) potential intensification by property owners (such as NZRPG and other property owners in Highbury) in coming years.
This document summarises the intent of the planning and the proposed approach to doing it.  It is intended to ensure understanding; providing a basis for discussion and engagement with other key stakeholders.
Purpose of Neighbourhood Concept Planning 
The primary purpose of this process is to attain a ‘balanced and shared Birkenhead vision’ from various stakeholders in the community. 
This vision will explore all issues that impact whether people have a positive experience of living, visiting, shopping and working in the neighbourhood. Issues covered would include (but not be limited to) streetscape, sunlight, heritage, quality built environment, pedestrian access, environment, facilities and public space.
A report will be produced that captures the vision and can be used as a working reference. The intent of the report is to help guide Developers, Auckland Council and its CCOs and Community in working together to achieve best outcomes for all parties. 
Some intensification is inevitable in Birkenhead and this planning process is intended to help Developers achieve intensification in a way that best meets community aspirations and is, therefore, more attractive for buyers.
Scope of Birkenhead Plan
The Birkenhead Residents Association has a wide membership and takes an interest in local planning matters for the area south and east of Birkdale, south of Glenfield and west of Northcote. 
In addition to considering residential and recreational land, the scope of the community led planning exercise proposed is intended to focus on the wider Birkenhead community, including:
  • The Birkenhead /Highbury Town Centre  
  • Chelsea Refinery land and surrounding reserve 
  • Chatswood commercial area
  • War Memorial Park
  • The shopping and business areas along Hinemoa St and our “maritime gateway” at Birkenhead Wharf.
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