Privacy policy

This Dialogue is being hosted by Birkenhead Residents Association.

The Dialogue will take place during June 2017. Throughout the Dialogue, Birkenhead Residents Association will require that participants register with the site. Participants need to provide a username and email address to participate. The username will be made public along with the comments made in the Dialogue. Please consider this when choosing a username. We need this to make sure we can communicate with you during and after this online engagement process.

Traffic data is collected anonymously for the purposes of analysing visitor usage patterns; however, none of this data can be associated with your individual user identity within the dialogue. The Birkenhead Residents Association will use these analytics to see how well different communication activities worked in relation to encouraging participation. 

Participants are reminded that the Dialogue is a public forum. Participants should therefore not post personally identifiable information such as telephone numbers on this website.